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Why Our Tanks?

FAB Tanks Africa manufactures water storage tanks for multiple uses, including Bulk Water storage, Mining, Rain water harvesting, Low cost housing, Fire protection, Farming Water Storage and Desalination plants.

We can supply Circular and either ground or elevated Water Storage tanks.
As our products are customizable we can supply any size tank ranging from 1800l to millions of liters

Our product range includes:

Fab Tanks provides cutomers with a vast selection of tank solutions such as;

  • Fire Protection Tanks
  • Agricultural Tanks
  • Mining Water Tanks
  • Circular Tanks
  • Low-Cost Housing Water Tanks
  • Desalination Water Tanks

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All Fab Tanks are equipped with the following:

  • An outlet, inlet, overflow, and drainpipe connection point (flanged to SANS 1123 or BSP sockets)
  • Both external and internal access ladders
  • Roof fitted with a lockable access manhole and screened vent
  • Water level indicator
  • Internal support reinforcement bracing
  • Hot dipped galvanised coating compliant with SANS 121

Agricultural water tanks

Farmers are often forced to use an agricultural water storage tank to store water for irrigation to make up for the lack of rainfall. Collecting and storing rainwater and using it for agricultural purposes can significantly reduce the monthly water cost.

Approximately 94% of farm irrigation is done by sprinkler or surface irrigation which means that the source of the water needs to be on higher ground.

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Fab Tanks supplies unique customisable water tank specifications for all our tanks including these agricultural water tanks that can be set up in an elevated position for use over an extended period. In addition, all agricultural water tanks supplied by Fab Tanks are compliant with the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) standards.

Fire protection water tanks

You cannot be over prepared with regards to having water available in the event of a fire. Fab Tank supplies water tanks for firefighting which can also be used for general use by businesses, factories, residential estates and municipalities as well as a standby water supply in rural areas.

Fire protection water tanks are in high demand largely due to insurance industry requirements and strict government regulations. Fab Tanks supplies fire protection water tanks that are ASIB compliant.

Fab Tanks water storage tanks for fire protection are elevated to provide the correct water pressure and all piping and fittings are made from metal to prevent extensive heat from melting them and interrupting water flow.

Other features of our Fab Tanks fire water tanks include:

  • Larger manhole (750 x 750)
  • Handrails around manhole
  • Vortex inhibitors

Mining water tanks

Mining sites are busy and adhere strict safety standards. Fab Tanks prides itself in supplying mining water tanks that meet the exacting standards of the mining industry.

The mining industry is also renowned for its tough working conditions and terrain which require strict health and safety regulations and quality control. Fab Tanks supplies mining water tanks that are galvanised and designed to handle any liquids typically used in the industry.

Fab Tanks sets up the mining water tanks on a reinforced concrete base so they are elevated and the correct height for optimum water flow.

Water tanks for low-cost housing projects

Fab Tanks is committed to providing water to rural communities, to support government initiatives and supply water for local community projects. Water storage tanks for low-cost housing developments are unique in that they can be constructed and set up in just about any location.

Fab Tanks supplies water tanks customised in size depending on the amount of water storage needed in the area. Uninterrupted water supply is vital for local communities and therefore a priority initiative for Fab Tanks.

Circular water storage tanks

Circular water storage tanks are one of Fab Tanks unique products in terms of design and construction. These water tanks are robust, easy to transport and install and customised for remote areas where water supply is limited and the larger tanks are not required.

All components are lightweight and easy to handle which makes assembly time much shorter than your water storage tank. It’s considerably more affordable.

Fab Tanks supplies circular water storage tanks that are coated with a non-corrosive material that makes them more durable and able to handle the harsh South African environments. All our circular water tanks are designed in such a way that leaking is never a problem and sealants are non- contaminating.

One of the many advantages of Fab Tanks circular water storage units is they do not need concrete foundations and can be installed on a stable flat surface. The smaller and more slender circular water tanks may need to be fastened to the ground purely due to problems with heavy winds and thunderstorms. In this case, Fab Tanks uses standard mesh reinforcing concrete.

Lastly, circular water storage tanks supplied by Fab Tanks are designed to be dismantled and re-assembled in new locations quickly and efficiently.

Desalination water storage tanks

Part of our mandate at Fab Tanks is to help solve South Africa’s water shortage crisis. Persistent drought conditions have forced government to implement water purification projects as a solution to dealing with this ever-present water shortage predicament.

Desalination is a purification process where minerals are extracted from saltwater in order to harvest fresh water suitable for irrigation and human consumption. Desalination is nothing new and for hundreds of years people have been making saltwater drinkable.

Fab Tanks offers desalination tanks capable of withstanding the corrosive effects typical of high salt or saline water environments. The materials and components used to manufacture our certified desalination tanks are corrosion resistant. Fab Tanks also offers desalination tanks that can be customised to fully conform to your individual needs and requirements.

Summary of features and benefits

Fab Tanks adopts advanced technological design and manufacturing processes to produce water tanks that are durable and guarantee longevity, as well as installation that is convenience and efficient.

Key benefits of our water tank features include:

  • Galvanised water tanks that are corrosion resistant; eliminates leakage problems
  • Customised tanks meet client’s storage requirements
  • Non-corrosive formula coating helps keep the tank sealed
  • Tank interior is smooth; ensures no harmful residue sticks to the side of the tank
  • Onsite assembly and installation service

Get in touch with the Fab Tanks Africa team for more information about our range of unique design and low-cost water tank prices. We will help you find the perfect tank to suit your requirements.