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We Offer Top Sectional Steel Circular Water Tank Options In Africa

Fab Tanks Africa offer solutions to help with all your water storage requirements. Our goal is to offer the best value for money tank, all the while offering exceptional service and an even better product that you can rely on. We are happy to assist with any project what you may require

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All FAB Tanks come standard with the following:
  • Our Tanks are easy to install since each item is lightweight this also means that the assembly time is also less making it the perfect low cost water storage options.
  • They require minimal site preparation including the fact that concrete foundation is not required, but rather are installed on stable, flat base covered by sand.
  • Our Circular tank roof is cambered to allow water and dust run off
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The benefits of Fab Tanks sectional steel circular tank solutions.

Most large industrial water tanks are round in shape but rectangular and square-shaped water tanks are also commonplace. Just like the old-fashioned round well that’s been around for centuries, circular tank designs remain popular because their many intrinsic benefits.

We at Fab Tanks, are leading suppliers of galvanized circular tank systems in Africa. Our water storage tanks have an easy installation process and can be custom made to your size requirements. Take a look at our wide range of products which include some of the best industrial water storage tank for mining and ASIB approved fire water tank options for you.

Strongest geometrical structure

Large water storage tanks that hold vast quantities of fresh water under pressure are usually always round because this shape reacts better to the internal and external stress of water pressure. Water exerts pressure in all directions and has rounded walls more evenly distributes that pressure.

A circular water tank has the strongest geometrical structure, meaning it can more effectively withstand the stress of outward- and inward-directed water pressure. Pressure also exists at the surface level because of the weight of air above.

According to the principles of hydrostatic pressure; water pressure depends entirely on the depth of water, where pressure is the same at all points in a continuous volume of water and acts in all directions at the same magnitude.

Our round water tank design is a great option to accommodate cylinder stress in water tanks.

A lightweight round water tank has the properties of a cylinder and therefore is subject to cylinder stress. There are 3 different patterns of cylinder stress which need to be taken into account in the design of a circular water storage tank.

  • Hoop stress: the force exerted on every particle of the cylinder wall


  • Axial stress: when a vessel has closed ends, the internal pressure acts on them to develop a force along the axis of the cylinder


  • Radial stress: pressure exerted towards or away from the central axis of a cylindrical structure

Reduced surface area

Among all the shapes with the same area, a circle has the shortest perimeter (this is distancing all the way around the outside edge of a shape). Therefore, a cylindrical water storage tank has less surface area than a rectangular or square-shaped water tank but holds the same amount of water.

What’s important about this random fact is that a circular water storage tank requires less building material than a square-shaped water tank while still holding the same amount of water. Consequently, the round water tank is more economical to build.

Reduced temperature fluctuations

The rate of water evaporation is based on the surface area, wind speed across the water surface and humidity in the air. A round-shaped structure minimizes the surface area which in turn reduces ambient temperature fluctuations. As mentioned, a cylindrical water storage tank has less surface area than a square-shaped water tank, which consequently positively influences the rate of water evaporation.

Obviously, the solution to reduce water evaporation is to put a roof over the fresh water supply. However, earth dams cannot be roofed and therefore water evaporation cannot be reduced. In this instance, a circular water storage tank is the ideal solution.

The solution for water tanks is to roof them but since earth dams cannot be roofed the evaporation losses cannot be reduced.

Easier to clean

Circular water storage tanks are easier to clean than square-shaped water tanks because there are no corners. You’ve got to get into those corners and clean them thoroughly because corners are where microbes accumulate.

Minimal site preparation

Circular water storage tanks do not require a concrete foundation. They only need to be assembled on flat, stable and level ground that’s covered by a layer of sand. If a concrete base is required, it is most likely that the ground is not stable or level. You only need to lay down standard mesh reinforcing to provide a solid base for the water tank.

Speak to us for more information on our circular tank deals and we can help you select the right size and customize one for your water supply needs. Fab Tanks Africa supplies circular water storage tanks that are produced using galvanized panels that are corrosion resistant and durable. Tanks can be customized to your site specifications and assembled easily and cost-effectively on site.

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