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Why Choose Our Galvanized Fresh Water Tank Solutions?

FAB TANKS Africa has implemented numerous water tanks in and around South Africa to assist local government and the communities to get fresh water available for low cost housing and rural areas. With the flexibility of our designs we can supply any size tank to suite the communities need so that water is available when local supply is interrupted.

High Quality Water Tanks

High Quality

Modular Tank Design

Modular Design

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Lockable Access

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Galvinized Steel Water Tanks

Galvinised Steel

  • Customizable size
  • Can be delivered and install almost any location
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Fab Tanks are leading suppliers of top galvanized fresh water tank solutions for low-cost housing projects in South Africa

We take pride in having provided the best fresh water tank for numerous low-cost housing projects throughout South Africa, ensuring residents in the outlying city and rural housing developments have access to quality drinking water.

The unique features of the galvanized, high-quality fresh water tank with module design technology make them ideal for producing customized tanks that can be delivered and installed in almost any location.

If you are interested in these products, you may also want to take a look at some of the best farm water tanks on offer. Browse through our selection of tanks for agricultural purposes or give us a call for assistance in finding great water storage tanks for you.

Portable home water tanks for low cost housing developments

Clean, fresh water lies at the heart of healthy communities. In many communities, the hardships experienced daily fetching and carrying water falls on the shoulders of women and young children who are tasked with the backbreaking job of fetching water. Children who should be attending school and women who could spend their time on more worthwhile tasks are often burdened with this daily task, sometimes making more than one trip a day to taps or wells positioned from for their homes.

Many South Africans are vulnerable to waterborne diseases or a shortage of quality water supply, either because of the ongoing drought, water pollution, a breakdown in the maintenance of water and sanitation systems or because the government is overburdened by the burgeoning need for improved water supply.

Sewage leaking into municipal water sources is a major concern and is not something that can easily be addressed in the current economic environment. The backward trend of water quality has been a topic of concern for many years now and outbreaks of diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and typhoid are an ongoing threat for vulnerable.

Countrywide power cuts are partly to blame for sewerage leaks because they cause breakdowns or sewerage pumps to work at a lower capacity which means the waste cannot be moved fast enough and spills over into dams or leaks into main river sources that ultimately pour out into the sea.

Another concern is vandalism and illegal water connections on the bulk line water supplies in rural areas which result in critical water shortages. Obviously, people only connect illegally to water supplies if they can’t get water and this is an issue that needs to be addressed at both a community and a government level.

Lastly, severe drought which has been highly publicized recently has led to some areas been declared a state of disaster. Buying water from private suppliers has its own challenges. It’s not affordable for many residents in impoverished communities and the quality of the water is often a problem; where dubious water supplies collect it from dirty rivers that might have been contaminated by livestock and water pollution.

Fresh water supply is a priority for the government and there are independent organizations that are campaigning for an independent home water tank to act as a regulator, to be established to control water tariffs and oversee water delivery in rural areas. There is no quick fix solution at the moment which is why water storage solutions in the form of portable galvanized water tanks are so important.

Freshwater tanks and rainwater harvesting to address critical water supply in South Africa

Guttering, freshwater tanks and rainwater harvesting help relieve the burden on local communities on accessing clean drinking and cooking water. Rainwater harvesting is a viable and cost-effective means of obtaining water for rural communities, for as long at an area is not stricken by drought.

Water tanks provide homes and schools with fresh water and relieve families of making the daily trek to fetch water. Water in the tanks is either harvested rainwater or filled by municipal browsers and is sufficient for drinking, cooking and washing as well as irrigation for gardens and crops.

Fab Tanks are high quality, galvanized water tanks and if they are properly maintained, they last a long time and ensure a household has a good supply of fresh, clean water that is safe to use. They dramatically reduce the risk of contaminants and waterborne disease spreading life-threatening diseases among household members. Although, water that’s collected off rooftops should be filtered or boiled before drinking.

Be sure to contact us for more information on our durable fresh water tank options on offer today. These tanks do not merely function as a reliable water supply, but instead, allow communities to become independent and self-sufficient, where they don’t have to depend on unreliable water supply from local government. Visit our website for more information on the various modular tanks on offer.

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